Privacy Statement

All rules mentioned in the RuAsh IT Digital Marketing Agency Website Privacy Policy apply to its website. Before using our website make sure you are aware of our Conditions. Therefore, you are requested to read the Policy of RuAsh IT Agency carefully.

Personal Information:

On the RuAsh IT Digital Marketing Agency, we save user names, e-mail, and IP addresses which we do not share with any third party.
Other information:
You can visit the site for free. The RuAshit Agency website does not require any personal information. Bangachi web servers only store the IP address, browser information, and session of your visit.
We use these cookies to improve our service and determine your location, the content of your search, and your preferences. This information is very necessary for us to serve you uninterruptedly.

Google Services:

Aggregate statistics, terms of use, and website-related information of the RuAsh it Agency are exchanged from time to time with Google Analytics. It is not the data of a single user but a reflection of the collective preferences of many users. This information is collected every month to determine what topics are popular in Gingerbread, what readers are searching for the most, reflecting overall preferences, etc. In this regard, you can see the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Google Analytics.